How to find the right digital marketing tools for your business


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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Whether you’re a digital vet or entirely new to the online marketing world, it can be hard to decide which platforms are the best suited to your business.

“Whether you’re a digital vet or entirely new to the online marketing world, it can be hard to decide which platforms are the best suited to your business. A brief Google search will offer up your standard tools, Google Ads and Facebook Business. While these tools are certainly the most common, they should not be where your marketing strategy ends. There are hundreds of tools that can improve different parts of your business, the challenge comes from deciding which ones are best suited to your goals.

First things first

Before you dive in head first, it’s important to take stock of your current situation. Consider your desired outcomes, benchmark ROI and campaign goals. What does digital marketing success mean for your organisation right now? In three months? 12 months? Identifying specific KPIs for your business will help you to determine where best to direct your efforts. Like deciding what to grab from a box of chocolates, picking which platform to try first is a hard decision, because you know you might end up eventually sampling them all. To help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the options, let’s break down some of our favourite platforms.

Tools of the trade


An affordable and powerful all-in-one CRM, Mailchimp offers a solution for EDMs, audiences, landing pages, and content creation. It can help you reach your audience and re-engage them with the right collateral at the right time. From a free plan up to a $300 a month plan, Mailchimp is good for dipping your toes in and great for servicing all your SMB needs.


Up your spend and reach a bigger audience with your content using Outbrain, a native advertising solution. It’s a great way to create impact with the content you worked so hard on (and, to maximise your spend).


Optimise your content for SEO results with SEMrush. SEMrush gives you the insight needed to help climb to the top of Google, which is one of the best organic strategies out there. However, a good SEO strategy requires long-term planning and it helps to onboard an SEO company to help with the hard yards. SEMrush can get pretty pricey at $199.95 a month for the mid-level plan. An agency can be key at this point because you get more bang for your buck with a holistic approach.


You’re probably thinking at this stage, “how am I going to keep track of all this?” Enter Trello, the tool for organising your organisation. It makes for more efficient teamwork and simplifies workflow with plenty of integration available. See all your to-do lists and in-market campaigns in one place. Great for teams, or just one very busy multi-tasker. Free accounts are available, or Trello is scalable for large enterprises.


Hootsuite lets you manage multiple social accounts, up-cycle all the great content you already have and schedule posts ahead of time. It provides comprehensive analytics on your efforts, helps you monitor accounts and manage a team. It can also be valuable if you’re a business without a dedicated social media manager as batch post scheduling significantly condenses the work-load. The downside is that you really have to pay-to-play here. Users also find that Facebook punishes Hootsuite scheduled posts with less reach than posts made in-situ in Facebook. If you’re willing to manage your time a bit more and use each different social platform, use the money you’d otherwise spend on Hootsuite and pump it into paid posts instead. At the end of the day, while it’s great to have all these apps and marketing platforms at your disposal, it’s important not to waste money on the wrong tool for your business.

Enlisting the help of a content strategy agency or performance marketing agency who know how to get the most out of these tools might just be your best investment. Using SEMrush, for example, isn’t going to make you an SEO gun straight away. The same principle applies for all digital marketing tools. Without the right expertise, it’s like shooting before aiming.”

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