Improve your website through a thorough discovery process, modern technology, design first front end and easy to use CMS.


The key outcome of the discovery stage is to obtain a full
understanding of your website and its performance.

We source data from as many points as possible to enrich the insights including marketing reports, strategies, site maps, research, analytics and supplementary data.

To complement the data discovery, we also conduct multiple team discovery sessions to understand the challenges and opportunities from an internal perspective. The topics covered are goals, business context, (website) purpose, audience and future plans.


The key outcome of the UX & UI stage is to develop, test and finalise the proposed information
architecture (IA) of the website, complete the look & feel and scope the required content.

The first step of this process is to develop the IA structure with a goal to help people find information and complete tasks efficiently. We develop websites with an IA focused on organising, structuring, and labelling content effectively and sustainably.

We do this by undertaking UX testing of key user flow through treejack testing. The user flow is the path taken by a user on a website or app to complete a task.

Once we have the structure, the second step is to complete the look and feel of the design requirements. We complete this stage by developing a complete mockup in Adobe XD and following reviews proceed to HTML component prototype build.

It’s during this stage that the majority of the design will be approved using an agile methodology allowing for iterative improvement over time.

Because we have the IA, we can also conduct the third step, scoping out the content requirements for the website. This is completed by progressing through the IA structure and identifying all of the content required to populate the components.


The key outcome of the build & delivery stage is to work through the content migration, complete the website design and complete the CMS build.

This stage covers the bulk of the development of the website. This includes CMS build & setup, application build, component build, infrastructure setup, importing content, user acceptance testing, user training and go live.

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